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The Lesson

The Lesson (2023)

Trạng thái: HD Vietsub + Thuyết minh

Thời lượng: 1giờ 42phút


Quốc gia:Âu - Mỹ

Diễn viên:Arielle PrepetitDaryl McCormackJulie DelpyRichard E. Grant

Thể loại: Chính kịch, Kịch Tính

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The Lesson 2023, The Lesson HD Vietsub + Thuyết minh

Title: The Lesson

Genre: Drama, Mystery

Release Year: 2023

In the not-so-distant future, a renowned professor becomes the protagonist in a high-stakes game where he must solve a series of mind-bending challenges to save his own life and uncover a hidden truth that could change the world forever.

“The Lesson” is set in the year 2023, where society has become deeply divided and controlled by a powerful elite. Dr. Jonathan Miller, an esteemed professor renowned for his expertise in philosophy and critical thinking, finds himself unexpectedly thrust into a dangerous situation.

One day, Dr. Miller receives a mysterious invitation to a secret gathering, where he is welcomed by a charismatic yet enigmatic figure known as The Riddler. The Riddler reveals that Dr. Miller has been chosen to participate in a life-or-death game, designed to test his intellectual prowess and challenge his deepest beliefs.

As the game begins, Dr. Miller is faced with a series of increasingly complex challenges that force him to question everything he thought he knew. Each puzzle leads him closer to a shocking revelation about the true nature of society and the hidden agendas of those in power.

With time running out, Dr. Miller must delve into the depths of his own mind and summon all of his intellectual abilities to solve the final puzzle and save himself. Along the way, he forms an unexpected alliance with Eva, a brilliant hacker who has her own reasons for being a part of this game.

As they unravel the layers of deception and manipulation, Dr. Miller and Eva discover a secret organization that controls society, manipulating its citizens for their own gain. Their journey becomes a fight for truth and justice, as they strive to expose the hidden

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