Ông Trùm
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Ông Trùm

Master (2016)

Trạng thái: HD Thuyết minh

Thời lượng: 143 phút


Quốc gia:Hàn Quốc

Đạo diễn:Ui seok Jo

Diễn viên:Byung-Hun LeeDong won GangWoo bin Kim

Thể loại: Hành Động, Hình Sự

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Ông Trùm 2016, Master HD Thuyết minh

Title: Ông Trùm – Master 2016

Ông Trùm – Master 2016 is an action thriller film that delves into the world of organized crime and showcases the power struggle between two intelligent and ruthless leaders. Full of suspense, mystery, and unexpected twists, the movie keeps viewers on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

Plot Summary:
The film opens with the introduction of two main characters: Nam, a charismatic and influential gang leader known as Ông Trùm (The Master), and Thang, a highly skilled detective determined to bring him down.

As the story unravels, it becomes clear that Ông Trùm has built an extensive criminal empire, controlling not only drug trafficking but also illegal gambling, human trafficking, and money laundering. Thang, having lost his family to organized crime, is determined to bring justice and see Ông Trùm behind bars.

In a cat-and-mouse game, Thang meticulously gathers evidence against Ông Trùm, leading to several intense confrontations between the two. Ông Trùm, however, proves to be a master manipulator, always having an answer or an escape plan

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